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Who Sinned? Part 2

15 Apr Posted by in A Now Word | Comments
Who Sinned? Part 2

Such an amazing response from Part 1 of this teaching entitled, “Who Sinned”. You may want to read it before going forward on this one, however, you will receive great revelation and insight as to Why believers suffer and did you really do something wrong to make God mad at you. We must dispel this ideology and understand the compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ and His mercies that fail not. They are new every morning and great is HIS faithfulness, even when ours tends to waiver.

John 9 

In this text we are introduced to a man born blind at birth and the disciples are asking who sinned, the man or his parents. The stigmatism and judgment that believers can tend to lean towards, causes so much additional hurt to the one being prepared for their next level. AS you read Part 1 of this message, you will have greater understanding on the nuggets of revelation I pull from this scripture. Everyone ASSUMED because this man was in a CRUSHING situation, he or someone in his family must have sinned. I am here to tell you, YOUR current situation is about to bring glory to GOD. NO one can get you out of this mess but your savior! What He asked you to do may make NO sense to those around you and even appear foolish, but God’s about to ILLUSTRATE His purpose in a suddenly.

In verse  John 8:3 AMP), Jesus informs the disciples that the workings of God will be displayed and manifested as well as ILLUSTRATED through his blindness. Pay attention to illustrated. WE will return to this word. Jesus does something out of the ordinary and SPITS in the mud and places it upon the blind eyes of this man. He literally spread it as ointment upon his eyes. Then this mans instructions were to GO and wash in the pool of Shiloam, and the man did as Jesus said and WENT. Yes, go looking like a fool, mud on your face and all! That can’t possibly be God’s miracle in process with MUD all over his face, blind, broke and hurting! Just wait……

I am going to continue this teaching in Part 3 tomorrow, however I feel led to keep this SHORT and concise today because I sense the Holy Spirit wants you to receive this revelation to set you free TODAY, this HOUR, regarding your situation.

When we know the truth, it SETS us FREE. Are you ready for TRUTH?


This blind man couldn’t SEE all the dirty looks he received as he begged to just have MONEY to EAT, to live, but he had no other choice but to depend on others for help. Some helped him, but even Jesus’ OWN disciples believed this affliction was due to his own actions. Trust me, he “HEARD” them. Even words that seem to be spoken in private WILL and CAN be heard in the inner chambers of prayer. Matthew 12:25 Jesus, Knowing the words of their hearts (as in intimately) said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself can’t stand, nor a town or family feuding will definitely fall apart”. This blind man, already feeling the ridicule and gossip of others, now only CAN’T see, but has a face full of Mud. Then Jesus says “GO”!! “Wash in the pool of Shiloam which means SENT!!!!  I am stopping here because you need this word. You have been SENT. Even with mud in your face. This man had NO ONE to walk him to this pool for his miracle, so he walked alone with mud in his eyes to get his miracle….Go saints, Go! Regardless of what it LOOKS like, mud all over you, health falling apart, not a dollar to eat or pay your bills, but SENT. You’re Sent.

There are those faithful that will HEAR God and help you get to the WATER to WASH.

This ministry has been SENT to help you see your miracle, your destiny!

Hear the Word of the Lord today:

My child, you have suffered great trial and even humiliation amongst your family, and friends and yes even those whom you worship alongside in the house of the Lord. Many have questioned your walk, your talk, your present condition and passed opinions upon you. Even those whom sincerely love you have done this, because they don’t understand, conceive or perceive your trial in which I have allowed for my Glory. Even Jobs friends darkened MY counsel with their opinions of what they Perceived I was doing. This is the great error of the church to miss the mark and then mark my people with judgements. This is why I caution to NOT judge less you be judged. I have allowed months and for many of you listening now, YEARS of the same affliction, so I can Illustrate my glory. I am about to display my splendor because you have endured great pain, affliction and judgement from those who you love and respect.  You’ve LOST everything and picked up your cross to follow ME.

You’ve been sent. Not by man but by my Father in Heaven. He sent me to heal your disease and you’ve wondered how much longer? The time is now as I have SENT my prophets and messengers to reveal the hidden things of the kingdom. Why have they been hidden? Because the faithful will keep pressing for my truth, and when they find it, they shall wash in the water and receive their sight. You have been blind for a season, but now I am disclosing, this year, many hidden truths. Have you not learned who is for you and who is against you during this time? There is safety in a multitude of counselors, but there must be a revealing of hearts so your circle is secure. Remember how Judas was drawn out of the circle? Many will be drawn from yours as well, but this is for your safety and deliverance. This is not a loss but a gain. Keep your hearts pure and love beyond your own understanding. I am doing a New Thing in the nations, and a New Way. Many won’t understand and call you a heretic, but hold fast my children. Your deliverer has come!”

ILLUSTRATION: An example to CLARIFY or PROVE SOMETHING………Gods about to clarify all your questions as well as your haters! He  alone will PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that YOU HAVE BEEN SENT



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