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Who Sinned? Part 1

13 Apr Posted by in A Now Word | Comments
Who Sinned? Part 1

When we hear these words, I would assume it brought a big question mark to your heart! This is exactly how God’s people feel when they are GOING thru a trial that is especially public. There are at times a  stripping the Lord does within us that others can’t see, but what about when sickness, poverty, financial loss and more are so public you begin to hear the words, “What did you do wrong? Not reading your bible? No job? Is this a curse in your family line? There must be a reason this trial is continuing? The answers to these questions biblically can most certainly be yes, but what if, just what if YOUR trial is God ordained? It’s not a curse, generationally or from seed you sowed at some point that is now surfacing. (This is possible)

John 9 grants us a glimpse into a blind mans life that from birth, he has Never had the capability to see. There’s much revelation I am going to attempt to make so plain, that when you truly grasp this, the enemy will have no hold on you, and you will be free to GO THROUGH your public trial with a smile! This is Part 1 of breaking down this message and I KNOW you will be set free from the bondages that attack during these public trials.

How more of a public trial than to be born blind and have to beg to make a living. I can imagine what this man heard from the passerby’s but imagine when the Pharisees spoke? Those from the house of God causing you to question your Heavenly Father because of their judgment and doubt! We must understand the importance of this following issue…….

Bad things happened to GOOD and Godly people. Even so, the pressing, crushing, and trials may appear to those around you that you’re in the wrong. ( but this is when hearts are exposed) Many are quick to judge what they aren’t anointed to walk through. Judge not, lest we be judged in the exact measure
You didn’t sin. Gods NOT mad at you. Don’t give up on God because HE isn’t giving up on you. He doesn’t want your talent, your gifts, your money or anything else but your Faith.
This is why you’re suffering today so that HIS glory and power can MANIFEST in this season. Remember, those closest will believe you’re suffering in this long season, because you’re in sin, not doing enough, doing too much etc. Peace Be still. Guess whose about to get the glory and guess who will enter another Hall of Faith! Everyone around you could walk this IF it was THEIR faith walk. It’s yours. Not anyone else’s! Not your parents, friends, siblings but YOURS. Are you going to give up when the disciples around you do? Jesus clearly let them know “I’m about to move on this blind man!”
We are all spiritually blind to some degree. Let’s help be the eyes and prayers for those about to graduate a new level of faith. Don’t Give up! Jesus won’t give up on you. Hold on a little longer!


Feel free to share your experiences as I break down this amazing teaching on, “Who Sinned?” It’s your story that sets others free. First and Foremost, we MUST forgive those who come against us. For they know NOT what they do. Ignorance is their friend, and accusation their bedfellow. Don’t allow yourself to be brought into those very same thought patters, but fly higher, love deeper, and Hope will never disappoint!


We are pieces on a chess board: Pieces of Different Types of allowed moves are placed on the board, Bishop, King, Knight, PAWN, Queen, rook…TO CAPTURE THE OPPONENTS OF THE KING!!! Prophetic indeed as the body of Christ will hopefully always be on the KINGS side, but He allows many moves. Ultimately all who come agains the Lord and His anointed will be captured.

He Said She Said...Prophet Gina IMG_3991



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