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What are you CALLED and BORNE to do?

15 May Posted by in Teachings | Comments
What are you CALLED and BORNE to do?
What is your destiny? What are you CALLED of GOD to do on this earth? Don’t know?…..When you think of ONE thing, what gives you butterflies in your stomach? When you think about this, what stirs PASSION in your heart? What really makes you ANGRY and causes you to move out of complacency and into that righteous indignation?Hurting people, as a child, would make me cry and actually cause my physical heart to HURT. I was only 8-10 yrs old and would pass a family and CRY over their pain. The first time I picked up a microphone on a platform, PASSION ignited….As I began to grow with God and learn more about His heart, Sin management churches, Leaders with Apathy and compromise, Leaders that are People ran, remember there was ONE Moses, not a board that steered HIS vision, began to anger me beyond words. (which then led me to be kicked out by many churches. Not by anything I did incorrectly, they couldn’t receive truth as THEY would have to change their ways, and one of which I was told my personality just doesn’t fit! God have mercy on those leaders).

Two mandates began to become clearer and clearer. TRUTH N LOVE…. I NEVER considered HOW I would make money, but HOW can I walk in this supernatural LOVE and desire to see ministers OUT of the pulpit who wouldn’t receive God’s Prophets, and are TAKING from the Sheep, Take their Tithe, and invest little time in changing their lives. Destiny was being borne!

Are you trying to figure out YOUR calling? IF you’re considering HOW MUCH money your career will make, 99.9% of you will FAIL, but IF you consider what you were borne to do, what makes your heart crush, and what causes a compelling unseen force to SEE change, THEN you will PROSPER FINANCIALLY, SPIRITUALLY, EMOTIONALLY, and WIN souls, change lives, and crush the enemy in YOUR life and others!

Wickedness permitted will NEVER change. (or anything in your life you permit and just ignore, WILL NEVER change).

Learn your CRAFT. I have spent 30 years studying PEOPLE and Countries. We must study that which STIRS us. For Leaders reading this, if you intend of changing lives through full time ministry, you must LEARN about the people you will teach, whether located foreign or domestic. It’s called being RELEVANT. No one will listen if you know not their history or background.

SEEK HIM, not work…….Prosperity in ALL directions will chase you down!


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