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How will TWATW reach people for Christ?

TWATW is designed to reach the world through Health and Wealth while implementing spiritual truths in a daily practical application including physical training, supplements and proper eating habits. All religious and non religious spectrums will be reached through our relevant, down to earth style. We are training up teams and board members to spread God’s Word through our unique fitness training style.


How are you different than other Fitness products or Devotionals out there?

The Word And The Workout will occupy a space that has never been served until now. We start by taking the credibility & Spiritual Teachings of an International Speaker, Life coach, Certified fitness instructor, expert in natural pathways to healing & Pastor along with her ability to assess & impart necessary spiritual truths through observing the way people train, react, and respond during physical training and how that translates into their spiritual walk. We then add to the mix a Retired Championship MMA Fighter, Speaker, Author & social media expert that has a special gifting for articulating concepts in his photos as well as imparting confidence in both men and women who have been stripped through life’s trials. He has a unique way of teaching what he’s learned in the fighting arena, and implementing practical spiritual warfare techniques and strategies while standing on his life’s scripture; Psalm 144:1: “Bless the Lord my strength which teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.” We continue this custom recipe for instant success with their very unique & synergistic ability to observe a client’s natural skill sets & existing patterns of thinking/behavior, while walking said client through seemingly standard physical training exercise routines & sprinkle in their Nutritional/ Training expertise. Finally we top it all off with their offbeat yet down to earth comedic personalities to create a platform from which Books/ Devotionals/ Conference Workbooks, Workout & Training DVDs, Sports Apparel & Accessory Lines and yes even a recurring 30 minute TV segment and Reality Show entitled, “Reality Check: The Word And The Workout”, can easily spring from. Pastor & Prophet Gina Guy & Brian Warren’s easy to understand style of interpreting & challenging a person’s Spiritual level while physically training them is executed by coupling Scriptural based scenarios with the physical exercises & explaining how the two relate. It is truly an “experiential” gifting the two use to serve others while bringing glory and attention to Jesus Christ. They believe IF He be lifted up, then ALL men shall be drawn. As well as their gifts will make room for them, and bring them before great men. They truly are multi-gifted!


Who is a potential customer?

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of TWATW’s Plan is that due the diverse array of products & the fundamentals of the businesses outreach, every man, woman & child on the face of the Earth is a target customer, regardless of physical conditions or limitations.

The Word & The Workout will undoubtedly capture a large piece of the Health & Wellness market share through its full spectrum solution to society’s root problem – poor mental habits. The hard work of changing a lifestyle isn’t as alluring as dropping 30 pounds in 30 days. Prior to us, no one has found a way to make it equally entertaining, easy to understand & simple to apply!

How will the products be distributed to the General Public?

The products will be distributed to the general public via the conferences, boot camps & summer camps; E-commerce driven by Media, Online/ Social Media marketing & overall Branding & creating Joint Ventures with companies that have major distribution channels in place such as Amazon, Christian Book Stores, etc.


Do you have any Community Outreach Programs?

The COTP Program is an online tool used to create partnerships with Jewish, Christian, and secular companies, ministries, or organizations who we want to help promote and bless. We also hope they will bless us by putting a link to TWATW on their websites. When an organization advertises a link to our website, they are given Special Partner status and their name or organization is added to our COTP page. Their name, a brief description of their service, and a link to their web address or e-mail will be provided. This is only the beginning; as TWATW gains momentum and exposure, we will have plenty of daily traffic to our website which will make promotional slots on our page more valuable.

Truth-N-Love Ministry International also has the Project Eagles Wings program; a scholarship fund offered to those who partner with TNLMI, making eligible their college age students to submit an essay to receive scholarship funds.