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TWATW Reality Talk Show Media Project

The Word And The Workout


Finding a True Balance That Lasts

Finding a True Balance That Lasts


Mission Statement: Restoring our Temples by Bringing the Church and Gym together as one While implementing instruction that ultimately translates into one’s Spiritual Walk

Vision: To impart a mindset of both Health And Wealth that will lead to abundant living While leaving a legacy for their familiesin Christ Jesus

We are so excited to share this mighty move of God involving our ministry. We’ve partnered with David Wood (and others in Hollywood) to launch my new corporation, The Word And The Workout! We are passionate about restoring our Temples by bringing the church and the gym together as one while implementing physical training instruction that ultimately translates to one’s spiritual walk. God gave me this vision in the form of Praise Aerobics 26 yrs ago. David Wood, who is currently directing the sequel to The Passion of The Christ, has now PARTNERED with us and saw immediately the call on both myself and MMA Celebrity & Christian Fighter Brian Warren and asked for our business plan.

Truth-N-Love Ministry International is my non-profit 501c3 preaching platform, but we have sadly experienced not all Christians are givers. God spoke to me that TWATW would FUND my travels so I wouldn’t have to charge to preach the gospel! So many need Jesus,but FEW ministries or churches can support the budget necessary to reach those in need.

Who knew this awesome vision for reaching people through fitness would fund the Gospel, Save Souls, and Ensure God’s people become Healthy and Wealthy?! It’s His will for us to fund His anointed ministries to gather the remnant for His glory!  

Here’s why we are asking for you help! We are launching 3 phases and believe they can ALL happen at once IF God’s people answer the call both great and small. (NO GIFT IS TOO SMALL – EVER!)

  • PHASE 1: $10,000 David comes on as official Executive Producer of The Word And The Workout Media Launch (this will now allow US to have access to ALL his resources = Lawyer to open another LLC (COTP LLC), create our TWATW website, and ability to approach many Christian investors who have millions to invest in GOD ordained projects! Once we receive this amount, we MOVE FAST
  • PHASE 2: $21,000 It was spoken to me in a dream that a Partner would DONATE this amount!
  • PHASE 3: $1,000,000 David Wood said this is the Total needed for ALL avenues = Media, Fit Wear & Fight Wear Lines, Books, ETC
  • $26 million I had an angel appear to me in the SAME dream & spoke this specific amount

No one has cornered this market for Christ! You can’t find this in any Christian Store or platform! Will you answer the call to sow into this movement?! Also, please pray about being 1 of 10 people that give $1,000. Again as soon as this first $10,000 GOAL is reached, we go before all God’s mighty men in Hollywood (and unbelievers) to bring Christ to a platform in a Fresh Relevant way! We must help God’s people out of Depression, Anxiety, and so many bondages and we KNOW THIS vision is a vehicle in which we can make a REAL difference! A BANQUET FOR ALL OUR PARTNERS WILL BE HELD ONCE THESE FUNDS ARE RAISED. THIS WILL BE A WONDERFUL TIME TO HONOR ALL WHO STAND WITH US!

Gina, Brian & David Wood
Truth-N-Love Prophet Gina Guy Founder
David Wood Executive Producer

David Wood
Executive Producer

The Greatest Love Story

The Greatest Love Story

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Psalm 112:5    Good comes to those who are generous and lend freely, who conduct their affairs with justice.