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NO Labor Pains: Expect the Promise to Birth Now

10 Jul Posted by in A Now Word | Comments
NO Labor Pains: Expect the Promise to Birth Now

Laying Hands


The following is a prophetic dream our Worship leader Jesie Sicklesteel shared. For those feeling you’re At the End, hold on, God always births that which He plants in your heart. The time is Near!


I was among friends talking about their Due dates, as they were all pregnant. ALL OF A SUDDEN, the babies head in one of my friends belly pushed OUT so far I could SEE the head Perfectly! She then BIRTHED THE BABY. It was like the baby just fell out. There were no Labor or Pains to her birth! She picked up the baby and I began to worry about the umbilical cord being cut. If we waited until the doctor arrived, the baby could experience brain damage. So we called the doctor and he explained the baby would be fine attached to the umbilical cord for a few hours. HE WAS ON HIS WAY AND WOULD TAKE CARE OF IT WHEN HE GOT THERE. WE HAD NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.


Beloved, we have gone through hell in many trials over the past years and it’s as if we have ALREADY experienced the labor pains of pregnancy…..Carrying our dreams and visions. Your TRIAL and ADVERSITY will NOW bring about great JOY and PROSPERITY! Hold on, because you will SEE with your own eyes the promise just come FORTH; suddenly! When this promise comes forth, you will not need to worry because the FATHER Himself is on the way to provide, cut off, supply and grant that which you NEED to walk this promise out! He is in control and will guard closely that which He has given you. Damage to this dream will NOT occur.


2 Timothy 2:12,13…. If we Endure, (take on the Character of Christ while in midst of trial), we shall also reign with Him. If we deny and disown and reject Hi, He will also deny and disown and reject us. If we are FAITHLESS, don’t believe and are untrue to HI, He remains true and faithful to His Word and His righteous character), for He cannot deny Himself.

Without Faith, it’s impossible to please God. However, notice Paul explains that even IF it’s the trial is so hard for us to believe in our outcome, Jesus Himself in His righteousness, not our own, WILL come through for us because He can’t deny Himself. We are ONE with Him


Prophet Gina Guy


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