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Methods that Don’t Make Sense

16 Apr Posted by in A Now Word | 2 comments
Methods that Don’t Make Sense

I was caught up for a couple hours in the spirit and the Lord began to show me His desire to Heal the body of Christ and move in great power on behalf of His people. We have been studying together John 9 and the story of the blind man. I had in mind to continue in a particular direction on this study the Lord has given me, but after this experience in the early morning hours, I want to be obedient to take you into a realm of faith in order for YOU to advance in your next level God already has planned for you.

Father, I pray you open the spiritual eyes of all who are reading this now, in Jesus name. Thank you for calling us out into great areas of faith, so when we are obedient, others receive. I bind every spirit of doubt and fear, and release supernatural faith for all to believe if you do it for me, you will do it for them, but YOUR way. I pray for RED SEA parting faith in 2015, not just God will pay my electric bill faith. Take us into the deep so we can be great leaders of nations, businesses, family and those whom you give us to love. May we leave a legacy of faith, not doubt, Love, not judgement, and save many souls through our personal experiences and the blood of Christ! Amen. I am praying that YOUR faith doesn’t fail, but prevails!


We know God’s principles don’t change, but His methods do. My husband always says, ‘The Word of God doesn’t change, but the TIMES do”. So, if the times are changing, we must move with God, HIS way. We know HIS way is never ours, so when we or someone we know is called to a “peculiar method”, we must not close our minds to it.  We have a human tendency to “figure out” how God is going to rescue us from a particular trial, and we look back at his previous METHOD for us or how He moved in another situation. We then assume this method will now apply yet again. WRONG! We see in John 9:6,7 Jesus spat into the mud and placed this on the eyes of the blind man. Ever seen this method before? What if God called someone to do that to you today in 2015? Would you say this can’t be God, I need to make a Dr appointment with my optometrist? His methods AREN’T our ways. What follows this course of action can’t be overlooked. It was after he was HEALED, his trial ended, the mud on his face was gone, we see two key characters enter; Neighbors and Pharisees. He was so unrecognizable that even HIS neighbors weren’t sure if it was him! So much so, they needed more details like “how” were you healed. Methods. If the method didn’t fit their presuppositions  ( a thing  or idea assumed before hand) then they would determine if this was really God.  They couldn’t just rejoice that the man was now healed, they needed more evidence to believe. After he explained the method to this madness, they wanted to know Where is this Jesus, I do not know Him! So because they didn’t hear confirmation from the Holy Spirit on their own, they decide to visit the Pharisees for surely THEY will know.  Verse 16 exposes hearts for sure as they breakdown why this couldn’t be God, and begin to break apart this blind mans human behavior.


Listen saints. Gods methods are HIS own and we are only to walk out what he requires of us, not your pastor, your best friend, your neighbors, but Us. True prophets of this time LIVE OUT their prophetic words, not just speak them forth with NO experience. AS we are seeing signs of the times progressing ever so quickly, I see even in my own life the experiences are fast and furious, thus developing great character along with the crushing, in order to produce God’s glory that will be manifested. One character trait about me personally is transparency and honesty. I’ve always struggled with those who keep issues inside and aren’t able to be open and honest, especially when trustworthy help is available. Secondly, lying is something I cannot embrace at any level. So, in my preaching, being open (only the details I am released to share) about my own life, helps so many relate on a personal level, so they walk away with wisdom they personally can apply. This however also leaves me open to criticism and judgment, because all details aren’t shared, opinions then form, but even if they were, just like the blind man, many still will presuppose and not believe.  I choose to be open to help as many who will receive the revelation.

My lease was up on my BMW and it was time to make a decision. The holy spirit directed me on the last day of Passover to go and research my options, so my husband and I obeyed. (right there some are forming opinions of WHY a BMW). We then had to step out in faith in a method ( procedure for accomplishing or approaching something, especially systematic), that was similar (or felt like) mud on the face. We received a miracle as we stepped out in the impossible. The next morning the holy spirit awoke me to speak on this further, but I didn’t understand why I was receiving this AFTER the contract was signed.”Wouldn’t it have been helpful Lord for you to tell me this WHILE I was negotiating”? If anyone relates to this, say Amen! Well, 4 days later, BMW called us with an unheard of method they NEVER apply. We thought we had a miracle, but now we had God’s best because my husband and I, along with a faithful sister, CHOSE to walk out God’s method pubilcally.

I can only pray everyone searches their hearts regarding what I am about to say, so you can receive your next level of blessing and faith for YOUR situation..When Lazarus died, jesus waited 4 days to return.I won’t get into this teaching now, but the jewish law believed that the spirit still hovered within the first 3 days and can be brought back to life.

Jesus waits UNTIL everything is DEAD or appears to be impossible, then He shows up!  Contracts signed, all is finished, no way out, forward or back! Listen saints, it’s within these 4 days that everyone around you will question! “Well, if you loved him, you would come right now and raise him from the dead. If this was God, you would’ve Never let his friends who love him hurt so badly thinking he was gone forever. If you really heard God, you wouldn’t have bought a BMW, because your situation in no way warrants this car”.

But you see, after 4 days, THEY cancelled the contract and favor was granted!! 

Do you have mud on your face and can’t see clearly to get to your SENT place? (read part 1 & 2 of this message). Keep walking saints, because not only is the mud about to be cleaned off, but your eyes and those who believe with you will be as well. Then together, you will be SENT. It’s within the “4days” we all decide wether we can be sent or if we need to discuss this with the Pharisees if this could possibly be God’s method or our MADNESS.

( when we consult with our spouses of lesser faith, friends, parents, co-workers, then you may not believe either within those 4 days. Yes, those closest to you can cancel out your faith with their doubt and opinions).

But get with God on your OWN, hear the Holy Spirit, and then have God faith like Jesus, to believe whatever Method He asks you to walk out, will then take you to your next level as well as those around you!



  • mrunbreakable says:

    This is a “Powerful Word” not just because I am in the story living this whole “Faith walk” out, I pray this really speaks to many of you out there so you don’t miss your blessings. The Lord is really showing the hearts of His people through our trials. The best advice I can give anyone right now is #1 Keep your eyes on Jesus & #2 Keep your hearts / Conscience clear #3 If your going to judge anyone? Look at yourself 1st. Have a blessed day folks! Pastor Brian Warren

  • janetcastillo says:

    I receive that word of knowledge and thats my hearts desire to fullfill Gods purpose in my Life here on earth and become more and more like his image, until he takes me home. Here I am Lord send me and take me to the next level…….. Amen!

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