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Feeling Weighed Down?

20 Feb Posted by in Fitness Blog | Comments
Feeling Weighed Down?


Hey everyone, this is Prophet Gina and I’m SO excited to introduce to you for the first time,Tammy Sneckner, head of our Praise Aerobics The Word and The Workout Department of TNLMI. I first met Tammy back in 2004 when she joined one of my classes. We would all giggle because she “appeared” to be in great shape, but had trouble keeping up with some of the muscle toning exercises. So we lovingly called her, “skinny fat”..She gigglled along with us because most women who are small are thought of to be in shape. However, looks can be deceiving and from here on out I worked on building Tammy’s strength and endurance. She will tell you a little about her story, but I wanted to share with you how very loved and dear to us she is. Over the years, she has become a wealth of knowledge regarding homeopathic pathways to healing, and distributes organic Nature’s Sunshine products as well as myself, so I have full confidence and trust in her abilities to work with all who write in for assistance!

You will now enjoy reading blogs from her, myself, and others regarding how you too can find your natural pathway to healing. I love offering platforms to those who would otherwise never be given a voice. Remember, we may not be professional writers, however, we walk in the wisdom of our Lord, and those who will be writing fitness blogs, along with Tammy, are not professional writers, but sure know what they’re doing in this field. So I welcome Tammy and am thrilled to introduce her to you today!

We don’t diagnose anyone, we just simply offer natural solutions in a time where everyone seems to be on a synthetic vitamin or pill for whatever ailment you may be experiencing. (Please consult your Dr. regarding your personal situation.)

Hi and welcome to my health and fitness blog.  My name is Tammy and I just finished celebrating my birthday this month.  I also have friends and family who I helped share their birthdays.  I love February but I don’t love the extra calories that go along with it. (LOL).  I am feeling weighed down, bloated and just not myself, so therefore, its time for a cleanse ! Not only does this clean out toxins that weigh us down, but most certainly helps us lose those extra unwanted pounds, and jumpstart our metabolism.

I met Pastor Gina in 2004  when I was suffering with depression. Dr.’s diagnosed me in 1997 and immediately prescribed medications.  I prayed and asked God to send women into my life as I was very isolated and lonely.  I was also underweight and skinny fat.  I went to a car wash that I had never been to before and found a flier for Praise Aerobics and I took it home and decided to check out the class.  The first week there I knew I had to come back and the rest is history.  I started getting prayer, encouragement, and love from Pastor and the rest of her team. Gina began introducing a homeopathic regimen for my depression and was completely healed within that year of meeting her!!! .

I am excited to share a Natures Sunshine product that I have been using since 2005 called Tiao He Cleanse, a great mix of chinese herbs to help strengthen the colon, detox the liver ,kidneys, and spleen.  My sluggishness will turn into energy once again. Yeah!   Tiao He Cleanse is a 15 day nutritional program designed to support the intestinal and digestive systems.  This is so easy to use, I throw the packet into my gym bag, purse, or car and take 3x a day and drink with 8oz of water. No worries, you won’t be running to the bathroom, however, remember everyone’s system reacts differently. Please feel free to write us, or contact our office during business hours. For Praise Aerobics, we will be available Monday’s from 9;30am-12:00 to assist with any questions you may have regarding your program we place you on. Never stop or become discouraged. There’s always an alternative, or a way to modify your program to fit your needs and the way YOUR body may respond

Thank you  for letting me share my story with you.  I love telling people about my healing and now I want to  share what I know with you too. I have knowledge concerning just about every situation you may be going through from pre-menopausal, pms, low energy, weight gain etc. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you and eager to assist in any way I can.



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