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Emerging from the Cave to the Father’s Household

10 Jun Posted by in A Now Word | Comments
Emerging from the Cave to the Father’s Household

1 Samuel 22 
David left Gath and escaped to the cave. When his family and Fathers household heard about it, they went down to HIM there. All those in DEBT and DISTRESS gathered around him and David  became their leader! 

Do you feel like you’re Stuck in a dark cave? David found all he knew and loved stripped away from him but it was during this time in the cave that those who truly loved him, JOINED David in this dark place. Unconditional love of frontline warriors who would later EMERGE with this soon to be KING and great Leader! It’s during this time that we receive Character, Wisdom, Strength and those willing to suffer with us knowing the Best is yet to come.  The purpose of this stripping is to eventually bring those before you who NEED a leader and didn’t  crush under the pressure of great trial!

You’re about to COME OUT NOW ready to assist those friends, and in the Church (Father’s Household) that departed during your cave experience! They will need what you received from the Lord to get them out of DISTRESS and DEBT, Not Yours! This is the VERY reason why you MUST not hold their foolishness or lack of Knowledge, ( a True spiritually Intimate understanding of what God is doing) against them. God cannot use you to BRING then OUT if YOU”RE the one filled with Religion, Bitterness and Unforgiveness. If YOU want this word to apply to you, Emerge, then you must not have anything in your heart that will stop this awesome flow of the Holy Spirit about to rush forth from the CAVE to the Father’s Household!

The word I hear resounding in my spirit today is EMERGE!  GET READY TO EMERGE! EMERGE! EMERGE! Everything and everyone out of your way,  for YOUR God is about to move On you, In you and Through you!! YOU’RE ABOUT TO COME INTO YOUR GREAT DESTINY..These past 7 years prepared you for this TIME

Emerge: (  to move out of or away from something and COME INTO)securedownload


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