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Can We Really Lose Faith?

22 Feb Posted by in Gina's Blog | 14 comments
Can We Really Lose Faith?

It’s vital to  our walk with Jesus to have intimate knowledge, or shall I say, inside information, on the time and season in which we are walking. My heart has been deeply grieved to see so many believers, not unbelievers, losing their faith. Yes, it is possible. Luke 22:31 holds very important ‘inside information’, that if we really grasp and get ahold of this word, will be transforming.

“Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat, BUT I HAVE PRAYED FOR YOU, SIMON, THAT YOUR FAITH MAY NOT FAIL. And WHEN you have turned back, or have been converted, strengthen your brothers.” There’s so many nuggets of life changing truths in these two verses. First, Jesus is speaking to the Soul man of Peter. He calls him by his fleshly name, 3 times. (This in itself is prophetic because 3 times he would soon deny Christ). You see, previously, Peter left his fishing profession, to follow Jesus. This moment in Peter’s life was crucial, because true revelation of Jesus’ love  and ability to provide would come through this sifting process. It was so crucial, that Jesus reveals that He is praying for Simon, whom AFTER this season of sifting would truly become Peter. Why would Jesus tell him He’s praying that his faith wouldn’t fail if indeed he was capable of losing faith? You see, Peter trusted in his ability to provide for himself, through his fishing career. Jesus reminded Peter that when he was sent to minister, he needed for nothing because Jesus had provided.(Verse 35). Once and for all, Peter would know that he knows that he KNOWS, he need NOT return to his boat for his provision, that Jesus had him covered. (What is your boat? The one thing you constantly run to because you know it works, its safe and comfortable?)

You see, we all must go through our time of sifting so that we would fully rely on Christ and not return to our boat, our crutch, our one thing that we’re being asked to lay down and not return to. Like I said, there’s so many nuggets in this but I want to turn your attention back to verse 31. My heart has seriously been crushed for the Lord, as I’ve watched so many of my brothers and sisters lose  faith. I didn’t say their salvation, I said their faith! Those that used to minister side by side with me, witness first hand the miracles of our Lord, and now they have left the inner circle and returned to the place of familiarity and comfort, their boat. It’s both predictable and comfortable so now that they are in this place, they believe they’re in the will of God! Did you hear what I just said? When the sifting process wearies us to such a degree that our faith is weakened, not strengthened,then we can become disillusioned and live in compromise and believe we are in God’s will!  When we are being sifted, everything is challenged. Our identity, trust, faith, friends, finances, everything. Some of us may have multiple areas of sifting where others may have one. The end result however, everyone has in common. Is our faith stronger or did we lose it? I’ve witnessed first hand the ones who weren’t strengthened during this sifting and ended up compromising. Some moved in with the person they’re dating, some went from house to house to house, job to job to job, and when the circle ended, they ended up in the EXACT place in which they left years ago.

I really got before the Lord on this and questioned Him on how could these believers end up where they are and be utterly convinced it’s God’s will or live complete compromise and believe all is ok? This is when I was shown this passage. “I’m praying for you that your faith may not fail and when YOU’RE strengthened, go strengthen the rest!” That’s what your sifting is all about saints of God!!!! Ultimately to build you up in your most holy faith, THEN, go and help those who have fallen, tripped up, lost and all alone and haven’t the strength to return to God on their own. I am talking about believers.

When I founded this ministry and was working on my vision and mission statements, the Lord told me I was to restore the preserved of Israel. In other words, go after His church that has been so hurt by life’s trials, disheartened by those in the body of Christ, and bring them back. I then innocently said to the Lord, “What about unbelievers?” It was this response that shook me to the core. He told me that 90% of those sitting on the pews aren’t saved and think they are! Matthew 7 13-14 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and MANY enter through it. But SMALL is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a FEW find it.

THIS IS WHY THIS MINISTRY EXISTS, WHY I EXIST. I had to go through extensive sifting in order to build up my faith to sustain the call in which I was born to live! Hear me! The Prophet Jeremiah was told God KNEW him even in the womb of his mother, so God knows exactly what to bring into your life during this sifting process to ready you for this amazing destiny. I was even  called demon possessed by a church then ultimately was told the very call on my life doesn’t exist! ( Some believe Prophets don’t exist. There are just too many scriptures to dispute this but the one that makes me giggle is Matthew 7:15 that tells us to watch out for false prophets. Why in the new testament would we be told to watch out for false if real prophets didn’t exist)? Common sense! I made it through saints, and so will you! God knew He would call me to shake the nations, go after the enemy and plunder his camp to take back what belongs to God’s children. If I can’t handle being called demon possessed, then I just may need a little more sifting! God Knows sweet one how strong to blow the winds of change past you. This is when we truly learn we are His, We are Loved, and We are not forgotten. God knows your name!

In conclusion, because this is supposed to be a blog, not a teaching lol! Jesus Himself is praying for you and for your faith, but we have to ultimately be the one’s who make the final choice. Don’t break the heart of Jesus by thinking during your sifting that He doesn’t care about you. We ALL must be tried and tested. I’m reminded of those commercials that show a new car and how it went through all these different crashes for safety testing. You see the dummies inside the car flying everywhere and the car getting smashed up. Now the car manufacturer is selling this new model and assuring us we will be SAFE in a crash, because it was already tested in every way imaginable. You too are being tested in every way imaginable so that we, like Peter, will know, we could leave our boat behind and trust the one who is beckoning us to His bosom.

Don’t be one of those who can’t make it through the narrow road! You CAN make it and you WILL. Many end time voices are being raised up to bring back the captive ones of Zion. You will be like those who dreamed and say, “He brought me back! I lost my faith, but He sent brethren to strengthen me and bring me back”. This is the good news of the gospel! When Jesus comes back for His glorious bride, that 90% will be domolished and His church will be saved,  sanctfied and set apart for the end time harvest. What a glorious time to be a Christian. Greater works shall we do in order to ready the church for His coming.




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