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Attracting SOULmates

02 May Posted by in Teachings | Comments
Attracting SOULmates

Excerpt from my book, “A Love Worth Fighting For”

Looking back over my life I can’t help but Worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. Born to a mother who didn’t want me, not because she made a conscience choice, but she was born into an Italian family of generations of abuse both  sexually and physically. Yes, she had the choice to break these generational curses by the blood of Jesus, for she was a Christian. However, as in over 20 years of ministry, I’ve witnessed most believers unable to TAP into the victory that was already provided for all who would confess Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. Should this be an excuse or does the Lord hold us accountable to grow in the grace and knowledge of His character? If we aren’t remaining in His word and open to healing, we remain  bound in chains and results of our own sin as well as those passed down to us in our family “bloodline”. We must understand we take on the DNA of our parents. The good news is, we are also sent spiritual parents  that have the authority, anointing, and spiritual insight to “infiltrate” this bloodline. Lets look at the definition of Infiltrate: Cause a liquid to enter by penetrating Interstices (a space in-between to elements) pass into and through by permeating, pass through the ENEMY line! 

Due to my SOUL being wounded immediately from the womb and innermost being of my mother, I made choices without the saving knowledge of Christ and began to attach to “soulmates”. We will always magnet and draw to those “like” spirits whether we think we are making a “conscience” choice against it. As you reflect on your relational choices, do you now see you too have attached to the same abusive relationships or friendships that result in pain and hurt?

Lets look at Genesis 2:25 “And they were BOTH naked and NOT ashamed.” The root word for “shame” in the Hebrew is BUWSH. This definition is “to be ashamed, to feel ashamed, to be confounded, to make ashamed, or disgraced. This is the root of the meaning, to blush or become pale. When failure and sin occurs there is a discontented feeling, a flushing of the face. This word literally occurs 155 times in the Old Testament.

We are repeating the same sin or manifesting the results of our natural parents inability to overcome this curse. Revelations 16:15 declares: “Look, I come like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake and remains clothed , so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed”. Dear one, there is much to teach on this subject and there is HOPE!

This photo below is ONE glimpse at the reflection of my healed soul. Yes, we are being renewed day by day, and we never arrive on this earth, but we are being transformed from glory to glory as our souls are renewed. I waited 8 years to remarry and now my TRUE soulmate is connected to my destiny and vice versa. This book is necessary for the Body of Christ as it will be a transparent look at my life, and the lives of those who have crossed my path, for all people and situations become teachers, if you allow them. I will attempt by the supply of the Holy Spirit to teach on the Soul, and how we can truly be healed and Prosper as Christ is drawing His Bride in these end times. She will be without spot or blemish.  Jude 24: To Him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you before His glorious presence without spot or blemish, without fault and with great joy, to the God of our Savior be the glory, majesty, power and authority, through Christ Jesus our Lord, before all ages, and now forevermore!


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