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Are You in a Season of Being Sifted?

16 Feb Posted by in Gina's Blog | 5 comments
Are You in a Season of Being Sifted?

This is a question to carefully be answered, as many times as believers, we think the devil just has a daily pass into our lives to stir everything up. It’s very important to understand the season in which we are in. Ecclesiastes tells us it’s wisdom to know.

In Luke 22 we understand there’s a Launching about to take place. Jesus addresses Peter in this manner, “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat, but I have prayed for you, Simon. That your faith may not fail. When you return, or are converted, strengthen your brothers”. Jesus addresses Peter’s soul, (mind, will, emotions) by addressing him as Simon, not Peter. (also take note he called him Simon 3 times knowing he would deny Jesus 3 times). Does the Lord Himself know how to deal with our souls or what!

Satan must ASK permission to touch one of Jesus’ little ones, but do note Jesus specifically told Peter that He was praying for his faith not to fail. We are in the season of many believers failing. They can’t handle the sifting. Yes, Jesus is praying for us, and saints that have their ear to the Father’s heart are doing the same for you, but we all have the final CHOICE word. WE must choose to leave the boat, (symbolic of anything we run to during our sifting).

Prophetically this is the season we are in. If you’re wondering why the job you’ve been waiting for hasn’t opened up just yet for you, or the ministry isn’t moving quite the way you expected, finances aren’t breaking in your favor etc, is because God is working on pulling things from our lives, so that when we walk away from our boats, we can handle the amazing destiny that was there all along waiting on us to be prepared to receive….

Saints, we are almost there. Please hold onto your Faith. Just because the changes haven’t come, or the changes are so many your head is spinning, know that He is with you. This is when the rubber meets the road of faith. Do you still believe the word of God? You must keep your faith strong. Maybe you can’t see through your tears, can’t find your way, and are so scared because nothings what it used to be and you can’t go back, know that you’re faith is being tested so that when your tears dry up, and you can see your way through the storm again, you will go and strengthen those who still can’t see. None of this is about us, but about the destinies we are going to change through the power and authority Christ has given us. All must be tested to see if it can withstand the overload. We have a principle in the fitness industry called the “overload principle”. This is when you take a specific muscle, work it in low reps with heavy weight until the muscle is taken to failure.Then when you train again, that muscle goes the distance the next reps you put it through. Get the picture saints!

It may feel you’ve been taken to YOUR overload principle, but the master trainer knows exactly what He’s doing. The season is almost to the end, so don’t give up, just give in to Him and all will work out in His appointed time!




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