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Gina’s Journey


Pastors Brian and Gina Guy-Warren


Gina Guy-Warren is the Founder of Truth- N -Love Ministry Internationaland The Word And The Workout.  She is authoring her first book ‘3D Workout Prophetic Insight Into Spiritual Fitness‘ to  be published in 2018 under her publishing Company “Unbreakable Reed, LLC.” She is married to MMA, 2x championship belt holder Brian “MrUnbreakable” Warren. Together they are an example of God’s restoration power to all single, divorced and married couples. The two are known as ‘The Power Couple”

Gina is no stranger to being set free completely from sexual abuse, divorce, drug abuse, as well as years on pain medication. Her testimony in all these areas will set you free. She holds nothing back at exposing every avenue that keep people bound. She is passionate about healing trauma that has caused over 70% of our nation to run to medications and food. She carries accurate prophecy from the Whitehouse, CourtHouse, and ChurchHouse. “God is starting at the top and he is working his way to his people’.

Gina has traveled throughout many countries of Africa as VP of International Relief.  Founding a school in Congo “Maboa” Swahili for Wings. She has offered medical attention to wounded soldiers, serving in medical clinics, training up leaders and schools of ministry. She and her husband currently minister to celebrities in the UFC industry of which Gina states, “they are Unidentified For Christ. Everyone thinks all the warriors are in the church, but they are within every industry.  Religion says no they aren’t, but God says otherwise. We will climb all 7 mountains of influence bringing the redemptive love and power to a hurting world. We must find and train them up.” Through their ministry The Word And The Workout, they will implement training bootcamps throughout every church willing to step outside the normal church service program. Revival cannot and will not come through the old format.

She believes accountability must be established within the 5 fold ministry so the church can effectively operate as Gods army. ” Jesus himself states “although you cast out demons in my name, preached in my name, I never knew you. Depart from me.”  It’s her mission that not one person on her watch will ever hear those words! She is a living Epistle whose character completely balances her gifting. She inspires millions to color outside the lines and be unique. She states, “it’s in their gifting they will prosper and be fruitful in every area of their lives. Never squash the personality or gifting of another.The WARrens currently reside in Franklin, Tennessee. Gina is the mother of 2 grown daughters and a new spiritual daughter through her marriage to Brian.



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