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2015: The Year of Disclosure

05 Jan Posted by in A Now Word | Comments
2015: The Year of Disclosure

Although we Know our Lord doesn’t move by our time and our calendar, we are also aware that Ecclesiastes 3 states there is a time and a season for ALL things under the sun. Christian Artist TobyMac has a song lyric that says ‘I’d be packing my bags when I Need to Stay, and going MY way, that’s me without you”.
Thank God we have the leading of the Holy Spirit. Those who are wise will understand the Times and Seasons of God.

Over a month ago while I was seeking the Lord for 2015, I heard
To Make Known. Allow to be Seen. Uncover; Lay into open View

Let’s give a Biblical foundation for this Prophetic Word: Mark 4:22

Things are hidden temporarily only as a means to revelation.] For there is nothing hidden except to be revealed, nor is anything [temporarily] kept secret except in order that it may be made known.]]

What the Holy Spirit is about to do for YOU will be a time of vindication as well as a major Changing of The Guards in all areas from Marketplace, to Government, to His Church Leaders. The Word of God Never changes, but the TIMES do!

Vengeance is Mine Saith the Lord. We have been required, not suggested, by the Lord to forgive those who have hurt you in any way. Many over the years have suffered a great injustice and “your side” never brought to light. Many have continued loving and serving God wondering will Truth ever prevail. See, we aren’t called  to protect our reputations but that of the Savior who was truly BETRAYED.
Those who have been wrongly accused, imprisoned, abandoned or rejected will this year see JUSTIFICATION by the hand of God. Areas of your personal life, Family, job,  and ministry will know be laid open for all to see and perceive WHY God allowed trials to come your way. It is the year of Disclosure.
For many this word brings great joy and peace, but for those who have taken pulpits as hirelings, Striking the sheep instead of Guiding the Sheep, those who have exploited wage earners to benefit their business, leadership positions in government  operating in greed and deception or have controlled others for personal gain, shall be brought to light for the Primary focus that they may be and restored to the heart and purposes of God. Everyone will be given the mercy so granted by the Lord, yet if they don’t walk in His ways, He will swiftly move and place the Samuels, Davids, Deborah’s, into position so His glorious Bride shall be brought to a spotless state in His chambers.
This year shall be a coming together of destinies that have “appeared” to be on hold, We will see Churches working Together, Not separately to build the Kingdom of God. Those who desire to be superstars, will be brought down from their high place, and the Humble and Meek will arise in the Power, Purity and Presence of the Holy Ghost.
Be encouraged all you Saints for what has tarried for Years, shall now come together and create the most beautiful mosaic you’ve ever seen. God’s NOT done with His church! He sees the Remnant who have NOT walked in the seat of the mockers or the council of the wicked, but their delight IS in the Law of the Lord. These ones shall be Disclosed (revealed) in 2015 for His glory. If you’ve been counted out, prepare to be Grafted in! It’s your time


SpeakingTruthNLove Radio/Media broadcast

SpeakingTruthNLove Radio/Media broadcast


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