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2014 Prophetic Word: OVERFLOW

15 Jan Posted by in A Now Word | Comments
2014 Prophetic Word: OVERFLOW

Don’t limit your mind to what the word overflow has meant in the past because God is about to move on the 5-7 years of Pain, Trail, and crushing you’ve experienced, and declare HIS meaning of Overflow for this season.

OVERFLOW: To Step from ONE place where you have been planted into Another Place! This doesn’t ONLY mean land, but depression, hopelessness, the cycle of pain that seems to continue to repeat itself in your life. You receive into your spirit the NOW WORD for a new year, but nothing ever seems to change. This word literally means YOU, as a container are so full, overflow MOST occur from you to another area. The Lord knows when we are DONE!

Dear ones, this word has always been taught with the perspective on finances or things. I agree that 2014 IS a time for many to receive that which they have sown in tears, finances and their very lives, but what about addiction, sadness, demonic attachments, painful marriages, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, excessive weight gain though you have done all you can do to get healthy etc? It’s time for Overflow to occur in YOUR temple and step into that which GOD has already planned for you.

Many Unhealthy attachments have broken off from you life in order for this overflow to commence. Let’s examine the meaning of Attachment:  Strong emotional bond to ANYTHING. Can be a person, place , thing or idea! If we attach ourselves to someone thats emotionally crippled or immature, we too will be crippled to that level. Are these attachments taking us higher and making us stronger or lower and weaker?  This must be dealt with to receive our overflow to the fullest!

It’s been a painful past 7 years but all this being said; because God has already prepared this year, this season, for you to receive His most perfect gifts in your life. Family members, spouses, financial struggles are all about to shift. God is or has already brought Leaders into your life to assist you in receiving this overflow. However, you can choose to push them away, or embrace. Free will is always a factor in receiving prophetic words over our lives. WE are accountable for making ourselves ready and for those who have positioned themselves, fought off offenses, unforgiveness and so many other emotions, know you are a container fit for this overflow. Anything of great worth always takes a sacrifice and I am here to declare your sacrifce and obedience, against all odds, is NOW about to pay off. Watch as see HOW your deliverer comes through for YOU in 2014.

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Company Of The Prophets...Taking Care of Our Family

Company Of The Prophets…Taking Care of Our Family



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