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Gina’s Journey



Gina Guy-Warren is the Founder of Truth- N -Love Ministry International and The Word And The Workout, CROSSfit4Christ which is her corporation. She has a heart, and may we say HUGE heart, to see the Body of Christ transformed through both His Prophetic Word as well as teaching others to apply BOTH physical and spiritual training.

“The season is upon us where the Lord is requiring a greater discipline on our end so that He may bring deliverance to the areas we have struggled with time and time again. We cannot deliver ourselves, but if we walk out Proverbs 16:3, and commit (roll away, into the Hands of God,), our plans and desires, then He will make them stable, unshakeable, successful.” (Quote by Gina)

Gina is a carrier of Gods Glory and teaches “schools of ministry”, Company of the Prophets (COTP) equipping centers, educating leaders on how to prepare for the next move of the Holy Spirit, as well as how to implement this move into the church body with complete order.  She also ministers Prophetic Economic Strategy on how to walk in Biblical.Health And Wealth through Zija,( a 92 nutrient, , 46 anti-oxidants, 36 anti inflammatory, and 18 amino acids, all in ONE sachet)  as well as the Life Changing affects that a TRUE prophetic word can have on both the corporate church and individuals. She believes the two cannot be separated, and when God’s people are disciplined, and diligent, deliverance belongs to the Lord. Gina has an incredible prophetic gifting and insight to take each person to their next level by assessing where they are physically.All truth is parallel, and if we cannot push through in the natural, we will never be able to sustain the spiritual tasks ahead”. (Quote by Gina). This is one of her many qualities that keep her so down to earth and full of joy and humor. Though Prophets see things from an “eternal” or “spiritual” level, she has this amazing ability to articulate the natural and directly apply that to one’s spiritual condition. She feels that If you can relate to their NOW situation, it’s easier for them to translate that into obtaining spiritual change. If a teacher ONLY teaches from a spiritual perspective, not many are able to see how this applies to their personal situation. Gina has a unique gift to not only teach the body the word, but HOW to walk it out because she herself has walked out many trials and has become victorious. It’s one thing for leaders to speak to those things that are not, as though they were, and another to have actually received victory in those areas! To understand Gina’s heart would be to recognize how it troubles her that many call themselves Prophets and give “prophetic” words but they’re so general and cause much confusion. It’s no wonder the unsaved are staying as far away as possible while the saved are getting deeper and deeper into disillusionment!

As you spend quality time with Gina, you can’t help but notice how very “real” and “approachable” this Prophet is in person. Don’t let this 5 foot 2 inch fireball with her training physique fool you! She’s as serious as they come, but has a “you remind me of my best friend” personality. From the pulpit you will feel as if you are the only one in a room of thousands. Don’t be surprised if in the midst of her teaching, she begins prophesying accurate words to those attending. Never will you leave feeling like God didn’t speak to you!

She has preached the gospel to countless in destitute regions of Africa where she has had the privilege to minister to governors and officials of different countries as well as educating and implementing hands on training raising up groups of widows from the 100 day war between Rwanda-Congo that resulted in mass slaughter. Gina ministers to well known Pastors and celebrities of our day, and has had them in her home, as she delivers the prophetic word many have needed. Some received the word with gladness and have moved on to their next levels in ministry, where sadly others didn’t heed the word and lost their churches and careers, and are now serving prison time or just keeping church “business as usual”. The Lord places Gina in what one would call their “Intersection of faith”, or what the Prophet Obadiah declared as the valley of decision. Once you’ve crossed paths with Gina, it’s quite clear you can’t remain in the same place. It’s time to move forward. Her words are gentle and loving, yet always you will sense a spiritual force behind these words. There’s no doubt Gina has been sent to the Body of Christ as an end time Prophet to prepare God’s people for their destinies. She was once asked, “What about the lost or those going to hell? Do you feel called to them as well”? Gina firmly but with eyes of compassion replies, “The word of God is clear that you preached in my name, drove demons out in my name, but I never knew you”

Gina states, “Churches are full of those who are lost and unsaved.”

Gina was born and raised in California to an Italian mother, and French father. She was the little blonde girl between two brothers. She was so little it took some time for those big eyes to grow into her face. At the age of 5, she was molested by an Uncle on her mother’s side. She didn’t recall this until the age of 19 when he made a pass at her. She immediately responded with, “Can I make you a cup of coffee?” Her world began to spin out of control as the Holy Spirit brought to remembrance past abuse. She had already been on her own as she was kicked out of the house on her 18th birthday, still a senior in high school. Gina had given her life to the Lord in 6th grade, but repressed memories of molestation and a life of physical and mental abuse in her home proved to be too much to handle. She was doing cocaine and drinking by the age of 15, and was in every dance club imaginable. Although she knew Jesus was with her, (she had her first prophetic dream in Jr. High School), the pain was too much to bear. By the age of 20, she had her 3rd crack cocaine overdose. (Dead over 5 minutes!) Each one yielded a one on one walk with Jesus where He showed her the call on her life. Gina experienced the Lamb of God, most loving and compassionate. However, by her 3rd overdose, she now came face to face with the Lion of Judah! This is what makes Gina so balanced in her walk for she understands the personalities of God. Gina has always said, “You can’t give to others, what you haven’t experienced yourself”. Gina has experienced complete healing from sexual abuse, as well as 20 years of pain medications from 3 generations of herniated disc pain. She chose to take herself off which resulted in 8 months straight of insomnia as her brain “reset”. Her story of God encounters, focusing on our weaknesses and NOT our strengths, now brings great wisdom and deliverance to the body of Christ!

Gina married at the age of 22 and has 2 beautiful daughters whom both graduated from Christian Universities.  Her struggles and triumphs are told around the world as an 16 year marriage to an ordained pastor addicted to pornography and the loss of clergy, friendships accusations of attempted murder shape this woman’s testimony.” Unless we receive deliverance from the pain of our souls, we will attach to the same spirits that abused us in our past”, Gina States.  She shares how her husband  was diagnosed with cancer, yet moved him into her own home to care for him all awhile Christian friends believed his stories of attempted murder, resulting in police storming her home and international headquarters.  Her ministry then suffered massive financial loss as a couple she trusted and cared for her financially as the foundations of TNLMI were  being established, walked away with a 24 hour notice of “no more funds will be given because, Well, God will take care of you.’  She holds no details back in her book to be released, ” A love Worth Fighting For”, so many will learn how to truly lay your life down, as well as  how disillusioned Christians are being used by the enemy and so much more! Gina recounts her “Death Walk” dream, where she was awakened at 2:22am, which would become a sign and wonder throughout the years to follow.  She also teaches leaders how to never rely on people who give or tithe to your ministry, for within 24 hours they can without notice withdraw funds saying, “God will care for you”! We must only look to the Lord who is our Ultimate Provider and too many leaders have lost sight of this.

Gina recently Married Celebrity MMA fighter Brian “Mr. Unbreakable Warren” who is a 2x championship belt holder in the industry. Yes, they married on 2.22.2015! His fighting number is MrUnBreakable22…..Together they are the modern day Caleb and Deborah. This frontline ministry teaches not to concern yourself with the GIANTS in the Land, but they are fueled by danger and risk because Pastor Brian and Prophet Gina prophetically SEE Land flowing with milk and honey! Their mandate to teach and IMPART Health and Wealth is transforming the body of Christ and gathering the Remnant in a new and Relevant way through Fitness, translating Pastor Brian’s Fight experience into the spirit realm! These two are known as the “Power Couple” proving that Modern Day fairytales DO exist.

Gina shares these incredible testimonies and prophetic revelations  from platforms around the world, proving that Love really does conquer all and in order to receive your double portion, there’s a price that must be paid; it’s called radical obedience. The double portion doesn’t stop there, and as you have the opportunity to hear this woman preach, you’ll learn something new each time that can be applied to your own life in order for you to understand your purpose and obtain your promise. Her ability to pull revelation from God’s word will drive you to desire to study this amazing book on your own.

Gina is looking for the saints who burn with intense passion, not just on Sunday’s,but because they have endured great pain. Your Pain has prepared YOU for a great Purpose! When this Prophet’s voice goes forth, you will hear the deep cry of her heart to restore the preserved of Israel.

Today, Prophet Gina Guy is truly a Revolutionary, inspiring all Worshiping Warriors to Arise! She is a living Epistle whose character completely balances her gifting. She inspires millions to color outside the lines, and understand that the church has the left the building! She holds Great Keys to Prophetic Economic Strategy that will bust open financial breakthrough and tear down poverty spirits that reign throughout the body of Christ! Keep your eye out for this one saints. The world desperately needs to see Religious leaders that are TRUE heroes of the Faith! Ones in which their patterns of their lives can be followed so that the tapestries of our own lives become beautiful. He’s given us beauty for ashes. Gina will lead you straight into the arms and presence of the Lord, so that YOU can fulfill YOUR destiny. There is only one YOU! Let’s take this journey together.